Transforming the Don Russell Performing Arts Centre: PAV's Cutting-Edge AV Upgrade

Transforming the Don Russell Performing Arts Centre: PAV's Cutting-Edge AV Upgrade

The PAV Sales and Installation team recently completed a significant AV upgrade at the Don Russell Performing Arts Centre in Gosnells. This project was unique, as the initial meeting with the client presented a rare opportunity to propose solutions without a set budget, allowing for boundless quality and the delivery of a stellar result for our client.

Foyer and Green Room Enhancements

We started by enhancing the Foyer and Green Room with digital signage screens, a high-definition camera for stage capture, and a fully updated paging system. Additionally, the SDI signal/feeds were upgraded, and a state-of-the-art matrix was installed to manage the SDI sends to all screens.

Studio Transformation

Our first focus was the Studio, previously reliant on portable PAs or client-supplied equipment. Peter Carr, our primary contact, was eager for a substantial AV setup and the result far exceeded his expectations.

Features of the build included:

  • The installation of a laser projector paired with a 102" screen, ideal for the low-ceiling space.
  • A carefully designed sound system to cater to various activities, from dance classes to presentations and wellness sessions.
  • Powerful and smooth-sounding speakers mounted on custom brackets allow curtains to move freely behind them.
  • An amplifier with built-in DSP for speaker presets, requiring minimal tuning.
  • All control gear and amplifiers are housed under the reception counter to keep the Studio's dance floor clear. They are managed via a touchscreen and a high-end DSP.

Theatre Upgrades

The theatre's projector needed an upgrade, and the client desired improved brightness and resolution for scheduled screenings. The new projector met the budget and exceeded the required specifications, leaving the client highly impressed with the outstanding picture quality.

The highlight of the project was the theatre speaker upgrade. Initially, the client requested the replacement of the two main stage speakers, which evolved into a comprehensive Left-Center-Right and rear/side fill system. Given the theatre's compact size, we selected speakers with a small footprint but powerful output.

Features of the build included:

  • Main LCR speakers and coaxial speakers for the side fill are driven by amplifiers with built-in processors. This setup requires virtually no tuning and is so efficient that it operates comfortably at low power (20%). 
  • The system delivers uniform sound quality throughout the theatre, even for those seated close to the stage. The front LCR speakers produce incredible sound, with testing showing that the subwoofer could remain off for most events, yet the system still produced robust sound.

Peter was thrilled with the result and confident the theatre could now deliver high-quality sound for any show.

The Don Russell Performing Arts Centre's AV upgrade has significantly enhanced its capabilities, setting a new standard for performance and presentation quality. From the foyer to the theatre, each space now boasts state-of-the-art AV technology, ensuring an exceptional experience for performers and audiences alike. Special thanks to Scott Goodby from Audio Source and Neil Colliss from CMI for their invaluable support in this successful project.

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