A Fusion of Tech & Artistry: Art Gallery of WA Install

A Fusion of Tech & Artistry: Art Gallery of WA Install

The brief: To create a digital canvas from which The Art Gallery of WA could share upcoming events and news. Additionally, the build would provide a platform for digital artworks to come to life in person.

Making an impressive statement in the entrance foyer, the PAV team created an ultra-high resolution display with fine-pitch LED stretching from floor to ceiling (5m tall and nearly 4 metres wide).

We worked alongside the Art Gallery's design requirements to incorporate the LED display to complement its existing design and architectural style. We created a custom stainless steel frame/surround for the display to match the reception desk- a piece of masterpiece metalwork in its own right.

PAV's digital content team provided onsite training and support, enabling the Art Gallery staff to expand their in-house software knowledge to drive the system and incorporate enhanced graphics tailored and scheduled to their changing needs.

With a fast-approaching gallery opening date, a quick turnaround time from our Installs team was imperative. We rose to this challenge by utilising specialised air freight services, professional technical installations, and a fantastic gallery team to deliver on time and with submillimeter accuracy.